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Japanese Playroom

A spare space with an identity crisis becomes an organized Japanese-themed playroom.

Homeowners Eric and Angie Matsunos' daughters have a playroom with no room to play. Their two young girls have lots of toys but need a place to keep them within their reach. Designer Karen McAloon finds solutions to organize the space and creates a whimsical Japanese theme that reflects the family's style by using things they already have.

Before: Eric and Angie Matsuno want a playroom for their two little girls, but they need to use the space too. Right now the room has a daybed, exercise bike, toys, a TV and a fish tank in it, none of which gives it a clearly-defined purpose.

After: Now there is a sense of calm and order with a Japanese theme, soft yellow walls and teal trim accents. Simply turning the tall bookcase on its side and adding more dividers allows the girls to reach (and organize) their own toys. The result is a fun, free makeover for a space the parents and children can enjoy.

paint: walls (Jasper Yellow 2024-50); accent colors (Shaker Beige HC45, Light Pistachio 2034-60, Leisure Green 2035-60, Rouge 2084-30); trim (Dark Teal 2053-20) (Benjamin Moore)

Before: There is a lot going on in here and none of it is organized. Angie taught English in Japan and the Japanese fabric panel over the door inspired the entire design.

After: This beautiful kimono used to be stuck in a closet. An old headboard cut down with holes added makes a great toy chest and an old table is turned into a low bench. A handpainted peacock perches above one doorway, bringing all the colors of the room together.

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