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Stained Glass and Glass Nugget Frame

Keri Plezia from Wickenburg, Ariz., uses colorful glass nuggets to create a unique picture frame.

Materials and Tools:

large and small glass nuggets
stained glass
glass cutter
glass nippers
copper foil
clear glass
lead came channel
eye protection


1. Wrap the nuggets with copper foil. Apply flux. Solder around the nuggets independently.

2. Arrange in square/frame shape. Connect the nuggets with solder.

3. Cut lead came channeling to hold glass. Tack solder to frame. Trace the shape of the channeling onto glass.

4. Cut glass. Go over edges lightly with grinder.

5. Cut wire for stand. Attach stand to frame. Add the wire/nugget for stand on the back of the picture frame.

6. Cut hinge tubes to desired length. Tack/solder onto the front of the frame.

7. Make the spider with glass nuggets and wire. Make the flower by cutting petals from stained glass, soldering together and adding wire.

8. Clean and polish all pieces. Add patina. Rinse, dry and buff.

9. Slide glass into frame. Slide the spider and flower wire into the hinge tube for decoration. Add a photo.

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