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Living Room Redesign: From Cluttered to Casual Urban Style

A cluttered space becomes a stylish, urban living room for next to nothing.

Homeowners John Monteleone and Eileen King have a long, narrow living room with little organization and a lot of clutter. Designer Karen McAloon hunts through their house to find things they already have to give them a remarkable makeover for next to nothing.

Before: The homeowners moved in a year ago; lined their furniture up against the walls and haven't done anything to this room since. They want style, but aren't willing to give up family time to get it.

After: A central seating area is defined by a painted square on the ceiling and the scattered ideas throughout the room now have a unified design and casual urban style.

paint: walls (Marblehead Gold HC-11); ceiling square (Fernwood Green 2145-40) (Benjamin Moore)

Before: The long and narrow space is cavernous, needs color and has organizational challenges while the white walls don't make it very welcoming.

After: The mismatched furniture is replaced with two simple chairs and a shelving unit mounted high on the wall offers more much-needed book storage.

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