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Decluttering the Family Room

A pro organizer helps a couple get their messy family room back in order.

Cory and Jason Myhrans' family room is flooded with racks of drying clothes, stacks of CDs and magazines, a giant organ and a ton of clutter.

Fed up with the disarray, they enlist expert organizer Kim Pastor to help them make the room a functioning entertainment area.

Pastor begins by helping the Myhrans sort through the massive piles of magazines, CDs and photos scattered throughout the room. She wants to remove the old couch and chair that take up too much space as well as the organ, which Jason admits has never been played.

Once the room is cleared, she lays out her plan to bring in harder-working furniture, create a new bar area and put a coat of warm, gold-toned paint on the walls to give the room a cozy feel.


Before: The entertainment area consisted of crammed electronic equipment on the fireplace wall, preventing use of the fireplace altogether.


After: Now there's a new entertainment center to the right of the fireplace that holds the television, stereo and various pieces of media. Before, the Myhrans' family room was literally a dumping ground for anything and everything that didn't have a home elsewhere in the house. Now, it's a cozy, yet spacious room with tons of storage and plenty of seating and space to accommodate friends and family.


Before: The couch was outdated and took up far too much space.


After: The new smaller couch brings rich color to the room and even has a matching storage ottoman.

Products from Home Decorators Collection:

Chopsticks rug 3'6" x 5' 6"

Products from Lamps Plus:

Elfin Satin Steel Table Lamp
Gooseneck Touchier with frosted crackle shades

Products from The Container Store:

six Shape Saver hangers
blanket hanger
three Grippy hangers
two Grippy trouser hangers
CD rack
DVD Rack
six magazine holders, XL Natural
six magazine holders XL Graphite
storage locker with wheels
triangle Pandan wastebasket, Black
Shantung photo box, Blue
three 17-gallon totes with lid, Clear
five stackable wine racks

Products from ORG/Windquest:

cabinet, 24" wide with door
chrome rod
three vertical panels
three 24" permanent Melamine shelves
six 24" adjustable Melamine shelves
48" permanent Melamine shelf

Products from Lillian Vernon:

glass cottage frame
disc-shaped vase

Products from Solutions Catalog:

sliding woven screen, Wheat
photo coaster set

Products from Payless Decor:

2" Basswood blind, Natural 65"w x 42"l, outside mount, tilter--cord, tilt location-left, cord location-left, hold down brackets, extension brackets, support brackets

Products from Stacks and Stacks:

floor light, Calamari
Cathy Chair in Denim/Sage

Products from Leather Trend:

leather loveseat, Carmel Cognac, T680-20
storage ottoman, Carmel Cognac, M463-05


Before: The bar area was stuffed into a corner, making most of the bottles hard to reach.


After: Now that the organ's gone, there is plenty of room for a new, organized bar area.


Before: The cluttered family room was full of everything from stacks of magazines and CDs to miscellaneous furniture, including an organ and clothes-drying rack (at forefront).


After: Now the space is filled with smaller, more practical furniture pieces, has a fresh coat of paint to warm it up a little, and a new, organized bar area (back left) replaces the organ.

Smaller furniture

The new smaller furniture pieces made room for the exercise equipment to be housed behind a floor screen next to the bar area.

CD storage

The massive CD collection that was scattered around the room before is now neatly arranged in several racks to the left of the fireplace.

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