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High-Tech Wall Scanner and a Folding Saw

A wall scanner that quickly finds studs and locates wiring, plus a hacksaw that folds up.

Wall Scanner
Zircon says its MultiScanner i700 OneStep is the world’s first intelligent wall scanner. The device uses three scanning modes to locate wood or metal and trace hot electrical current behind walls, floors and ceilings. The tool is ideal for hanging mirrors, shelves, cabinets and other home improvement tasks. Zircon's CenterVision technology can find stud centers in a single pass.

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MultiScanner i700 OneStep: Zircon Corporation
The product can be purchased from and

Folding Hacksaw
The Fold-A-Saw can be quickly folded to a compact size thanks to a quick-release blade mechanism. The blade is tensioned with a unique adjustable cam action system that makes it easy to secure the blade tightly. Includes two standard 12-inch blades stored in the top channel and a wood cutting blade is also available.

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Fold-A-Saw: Seatek Co. Inc.
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