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Dryer Lint Art

Believe it or not, this piece of artwork is made from dryer lint. Bryn Starr Best from Vista, California, uses cotton fiber from her towels, chenille from throw blankets, feathers from down comforters, and sometimes even animal fur to create amazing abstract images like this one.

Materials and Tools:

photograph, image or design
8" x 10" matted frame
colorful dryer lint
8" x 10" piece of cardboard


1. Develop a collection of colored lint from your laundry or friends' laundry. You can create brilliant colored lint by washing new towels and flannel sheets. Down pillows or blankets will add feathers to your lint. Experiment with different cloth to create different textures and colors.

2. Begin with your idea or picture. Look at it to assess how you will recreate the layers of the design using lint. Decide how you will recreate the textures of your picture using lint.

3. Using the cardboard from your picture frame as your base, lay down your background piece of lint and add additional colored lint on top of your background piece to create your picture.

4. Fold the lint into the appropriate shapes by tucking corners, braiding, rolling into yarn or lint balls to help create depth and texture. No adhesive is necessary--the lint will mend itself to the piece of lint below it.

5. Color of face and hair are next; then collar, arms and shirt. The details are last--eyes, eyelashes, nostrils, nails and other details.

6. Use the tweezers and toothpick to help set the lint you have shaped on the appropriate space and to help you position it without disturbing the design around it.

7. Once your picture is completed, lay the glass from the frame on top of your lint picture, flip both glass and cardboard into the frame, and secure the frame backing.

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