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Photo Art Pendants

Fran Sapir finds a way to combine a love of photography with her love for jewelry to create this beautiful photo art pendant.

Thanks to Fran Sapir of Apex, North Carolina.

Materials and Tools:

SX70 Polaroid Camera
Polaroid Time-Zero film
stylus tools
hard surface (such as a clipboard)
Adobe Photoshop software program
Epson 2200 or other photo printer
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
clear glass
stained glass
glass cutter
glass nippers
glass grinder
safety glasses
face mask
copper foil
lead-free solder
liquid flux and brush
soldering iron
CJ’s flux remover
silver jump rings
small clamps
craft knife
cutting surface
jewelry pliers
damp and dry cloths
Simichrome polish
flannel cloth for polishing
silver chain, cord or ribbon


1. Compose and take photograph. Manipulate photograph using stylus tools.

2. Scan photograph into computer. Open photograph in photo editing software (Photoshop). Dust spot photograph and resize to 1-inch square.

3. Print photograph and cut out.

4. Wearing safety glasses, cut both clear and stained glass to 1-inch squares using glass cutter and nippers.

5. Smooth any sharp edges using glass grinder. Be sure to wear safety glasses and face mask to guard against glass particles.

6. Surround image with clear glass on one side and stained glass on the other.

7. Wrap the image with copper foil, being sure to firmly secure and smooth it into place. All edges should be flush with the glass.

8. Lightly brush liquid flux onto the copper foil.

9. Solder the pendant, one side at a time.

10. Holding the pendant with a damp cloth (it will be quite warm), clean using a toothbrush and CJ’s flux remover. Wipe off with damp cloth and then dry.

11. Attach closed jump ring by reheating solder at the top of the pendant and lowering the jump ring into it.

12. Polish pendants with Simichrome and flannel cloth.

13. Using jewelry pliers, attach an open jump ring to the soldered jump ring.

14. Slip pendant onto a chain, cord or ribbon.

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