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Create a Mosaic-Framed Mirror

This cheerful mosaic-framed mirror is made from stained-glass pieces and hand-built pottery formations.

Jane Hooppaw from Scottsdale, Ariz., was intrigued by a gift she received that was made from a combination of pottery and mosaic. She taught herself this craft and created this extraordinary mosaic mirror.

Materials and Tools:

high-fire stone clay
pottery tools
pottery paint
wood glue
water-resistant glue
glass cutter
tile/glass nippers
straight edge
skill saw
mirror mastic
tile board
picture hanger wire


1. Build pottery pieces from clay to be fired in the kiln. Let pieces dry for two days. High-fire clay pieces in kiln.

2. Paint figures with pottery paint. Low-fire painted pieces in kiln.

3. To create the mosaic mirror: Cut tile board into shape of the mirror.

4. Drill four holes for picture hanger wire. Loop the picture hanger wire through the holes.

5. Glue mirror to tile board with mirror mastic. Cover mirror with paper and masking tape

6. Draw a design onto the tile board with pencil.

7. Pick colors of stained glass and cut into rods by scoring and then nipping. Nip into smaller pieces with glass nippers.

8. Attach pottery pieces to tile board with wood glue. Attach cut glass chips to tile board around pottery pieces with water-resistant glue. Be sure to set the glass pieces fairly close together but not abutted to each other. Let glue set for a day.

9. Mix grout with acrylic mortar mix or water and spread over entire piece (consistency of grout should be like thick brownie batter).

10. Let grout sit for 5 to 10 minutes to set. Clean off with a damp sponge.

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