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Fiber and Felt Greeting Cards

Zia Gipson's travels inspire her card-making hobby.

Project by Zia Gipson from Seattle, Wash.

Zia’s miniature fiber greeting cards are freeform, inspired by global felt art pieces she has encountered in her travels. In this project, she cuts out felt pieces and sends them through a laminator and composes a wonderful design for a card.

Materials and Tools:

handmade felt and other fabric
card stock
Xyron 900 adhesive machine
metal tape


1. Cut a piece of card stock to size to produce a 4" x 5" paper 'canvas'.

2. Put several pieces of fabric and felt through the Xyron to get an adhesive surface on the back of the fabric.

3. Cut pieces of the cloth and felt to size. Apply them to the front of the 'canvas'.

4. Add a piece of yarn and couch it down with thread.

5. Glue the 'canvas' onto the greeting card front.

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