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Nuno-Felted Scarf

Zia Gipson of Seattle uses technique of laminated felting to make a scarf.

Zia is the biggest felting aficionado you are likely to ever come across! She is fascinated with the history and making of felt and enjoys Nuno felting, which is also referred to as laminated felting. In this project, she incorporates the technique into a scarf.

Materials and Tools:

white silk scarf blank
sheer sheet of polyester voile
wool roving
yarn and other fibers
sheet of solar pool cover
cold water


1. Lay the white scarf out on a piece of solar pool cover with the bubbles down.

2. Add wool roving, silk fibers and yarn to the surface. Cover this with a piece of sheer polyester voile, called the wetting cloth.

3. Wet the scarf and fibers with cold soapy water.

4. Roll project. After 400 rolls, wetting cloth is removed. (Rolling can be with arms or with feet.)

5. Roll again, 800 times.

6. Rinse scarf in warm water or heat in microwave.

7. Roll scarf in a bamboo mat or rub on a glass washboard for fulling or hardening.

8. Rinse scarf in a mild solution of vinegar water and allow to dry.

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