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Computerized Kitchens

A bread machine that can read the recipe right off the box; gas stovetop with precision digital controls.

Bread Machine of the Future
Now your favorite bread and cake recipes will come out perfectly every time. The Beyond Bread Maker takes the guesswork out of baking. Just scan the barcode on the box of bread mix and this intelligent appliance does the rest. The appliance stores hundreds of pre-programmed barcodes. Add the iCEBOX and it automatically learns new barcodes by going online to the Beyond Information Network.
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Beyond Smart Bread Maker: Salton, Inc.
Web site:

Precision-Controlled Gas Cooktop
Gas cooktops are wonderful for cooking, but controlling the intensity of the flame with a knob has always been rather imprecise. Caldera Corporation's Arrow Gas Top uses push buttons and digital controls to precisely control the heat.
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Arrow Series Gas Top: Caldera Corporation
Web site:

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