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Tuscan-Inspired Bedroom

A pastel bedroom gets a Tuscan-inspired infusion of style using rich and inviting color choices.

Jim and his two pre-teen kids are on a mission to help their wife/mom, Maria, break free from her conservative color choices. Recently, Jim spent a lot of time convincing her to go with a bold red for their dining room and now it's the most popular room in the house. As a newlywed, her first attempt at decorating was a sea foam green and pink color scheme for the living room, which she now calls her "cotton-candy pink disaster." Since then, Maria has constantly opted for classic neutral tones, which she admits is quite boring. Now that she's in her dream home, Maria wants more color but can't bear making another mistake. Can she find the confidence to pick a new color scheme for the couple's bedroom?

Maria and Jim like color, but have been afraid to put some in their rather plain master bedroom. They're ready to break out of this pastel prison and turn their dull space into a warm, Tuscan-inspired retreat to celebrate their Italian heritage.

Rich gold walls, deep red drapes and bed linens plus antique furniture are blended in this space to create a warm and inviting bedroom for this gregarious Italian couple. The little details, like vines stenciled around the room below the crown molding and a framed photo from the region, really bring out a traditional Italian feel.

Jane's design tip: Antique furniture looks best against golden walls to bring out the antiquity.

Did You Know?
In western cultures, yellow-orange represents a zest for life.

wall paint for fresco glaze technique (base coat: French Toast CC-244; top colors applied at the same time with one roller: Maple Syrup CC-420 and Delightful Golden 2158-30) (Benjamin Moore, Canada)

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