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Family Bedroom Makeover

A boring bedroom receives a romantic awakening for $500.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Cy Winship make this bedroom a romantic room for two.

Before, this was a bedroom for the whole family.

$7 — Painted Scroll
An overhead projector is used to create a scroll stencil, which gives the room sophistication.

  • paint — Rust-oleum (02006619 7452/50), Sherwin Williams (Alabaster) Behr (Satin)
  • acetate prints for overhead projector — Office Max

$20 — Paint
A warm neutral tone is added to the walls to give the room a more vibrant look.

  • paint — Sherwin Williams (Flat Enamel), Behr (Natural Choice)

$86 — Wall Panels
Handmade wall panels are covered with fabric to give the room a dramatic effect.

$64 — Draperies
Black and white window treatments are added to soften the entryway.

$11 — Chandelier
A vintage chandelier is revitalized with a few coats of gold leaf paint.

$14 — Canopy
A fabric canopy perfectly anchors the room. The canopy is constructed with fabric threaded through electrical conduits, fabric ties and eye hooks.

$56 — Carpet
A carpet with a geometric design is placed on the floor to tie in with the scroll on the wall.

$18 — Headboard
The headboard is covered with colorful fabric that complements the design.

$44 — Linens

$9 — Bedside tables
Simple bedside tables are topped with mirrored tile and embellished with buttons to give the pieces charm.

  • buttons — Target

$15 — Bench

$20 — Winged Chair

$3 — Velvet Chair
An old chair is reupholstered in the same warm hues found throughout the room.

$4 — Faux Fur Side Table
A plain side table is given a whimsical look with faux fur.

$9 — Dresser
An old dresser is refreshed with a few coats of black and white paint.

$120 — Accessories
The room’s accessories include purple lamps, acetate prints, purple pillows, silhouette prints and a boa-trimmed lamp.

  • purple spray paint for lamps — Krylon
  • black lamp — Target (074080008)
  • acetate prints for overhead — Office Max
  • boas for lampshade — S.R. Harris
  • silhouette frames — Target (065070 630)

$500 — Project Total

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