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Bedroom Converted From Drab to Colorful Contemporary

A drab bedroom is transformed into a colorful space for less than $500.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Beth Solberg turn a drab bedroom into a colorful, contemporary space.


Before, a colorful bedspread was about the only interesting element in this bedroom.

$50 — Shelving Unit
The wooden shelving unit receives a fresh new look with painted accents and a veneer treatment.

  • natural birch veneer: Menard’s — 12570205

$15 — Paint
A creative banding technique is applied to the walls to add unexpected bursts of color.

  • banding paint: Home Depot — pink and purple discounted "oops" paint

$45 — Window Treatment
Matching window panels are handmade with fabric that matches the color bands on the walls.

  • curtain fabric: Fabric Outlet

$45 — Bed
A white contemporary slipcover is placed over the headboard for a more casual look. The design team makes pillowcases and shams out of napkins and tablecloths to continue the casual theme on the bedding.

$50 — Wingback Chairs
The homeowners' wingback chairs are covered in canvas giving the seating area a crisp, cool look.

$15 — Ottoman
The ottoman is also covered in canvas to complete the casual, yet contemporary seating area.

$90 — Nightstands
Two small dressers are enhanced with veneer to create natural-looking nightstands.

  • dressers: IKEA — Malm
  • natural birch veneer: Menard’s — 12570205

$58 — Lighting
A pair of simple table lamps brighten the space.

  • table lamps: Home Depot — 741142023433

$25 — Pillows
Room rugs are used as pillow fabric to introduce more color and charm into the room.

  • rugs for pillow fabric: TJ Maxx

$50 — Throw
A table runner is repurposed into a throw for the sofa.

  • table runner: Target

$27 — Accessories

  • napkins for pillows: Target
  • rugs: TJ Maxx

$475 — Project Total

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