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Interchangeable Art Feature

Tips on how to use copper wire and alligator clips to make an interchangeable art feature for your wall.


alligator clips
copper tubing
wood beam
thin copper wire
palm sander
miter saw
needlenose pliers


1. Cut two small blocks of wood to make brackets and drill a hole through each large enough for the copper tubing to slide through. Sand the brackets and beam, and then stain or wax as desired. Let dry.

Figure A

2. Attach the brackets to the beam with screws after drilling pilot holes. Slide the copper tubing through the bracket holes (figure A).
3. Secure the beam to the wall with screws.
4. Wrap wire pieces around the copper tubing, and then fasten alligator clips to the ends of each piece (two per picture).
5. Clip the artwork in place; adjust as necessary and change the art as desired.

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