Zen Living Room

See how the Design Remix team -- designer Karen McAloon, paint contractor Danielle Hirsch and carpenter Ian Read -- and this homeowner's daughters turn her stark living room into a serene, Zen-like space.

  • Before: The stark and cluttered state of this room prevents Gladys Lam's daughters from wanting to visit. She'd like room to practice yoga and meditation and is up for just about any change.
  • After: The soft green living room is now a meditative and stylish space full of serenity, interest and personal touches. wall paint: HC-118 Sherwood Green (Benjamin Moore)
  • Before: Lam really dislikes this boring white fireplace and is excited to see how three colors of paint will make it much more interesting and natural looking.
  • After: The blended paint and a low mantel with an Asian feel makes the fireplace a standout feature and moving the TV to the corner allows each focal point to be appreciated.
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