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Moon and Stars Dream Jar

Follow these step-by-step instructions to paint moon and stars on a jar.

Project by Lindsey Becvar from Mesa, Ariz.

When you walk into Lindsay's home, you immediately notice her craft room, a.k.a. "The Pit." Lindsey has been crafting for years, it comes very naturally. When she isn't crafting, she spends her time chasing her two children around, Katy and Joshua. In this project, Lindsay demonstrates making a dream jar.


electric sander
acrylic paint
polymer clay
cookie cutters: star, moon


1. Spackle over words on the jar and sand with electric sander.

2. Paint base coat over whole jar

3. Use pencil to draw stars, moon, and the word "dream" on jar, and paint over it.

4. Paint letters on jar.

5. With white polymer clay, make star and moon beads out of cookie cutters. Bake the beads in oven according to manufacturer's package instructions.

6. Paint beads. Loop jute through beads and tie them to jar.



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