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Floral Tea Party Fairy Wings

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make floral tea party fairy wings.

Project by Emilie Autumn from Chicago, Ill.

As a young girl, Emilie split her time between learning the violin and flying about the house dressed as a fairy. As a young adult, rock-n-roll found its way into her music, and today Emilie can be found rocking out with her violin on stages all over Chicago--even backing up national acts on tour!

Emilie's Green Tea Party Fairy Wings are a project that takes the childhood delight in fairies and transforms it into magical works of art adults can wear and enjoy. Hardware store wire and drugstore stockings provide the base for paints, glitter, crystals, flowers and ribbons. Hang your wings on your wall for an enchanting three-dimensional artwork--or wear them out!


heavy-gauge wire
2 pairs nylon knee-high stockings
assorted acrylic paints
flat-back crystals
assorted glitter
artificial flowers and foliage
decorative butterflies
assorted ribbons
assorted beads
incense stick
fabric glue
electrical tape
invisible fabric pen
needle and thread
beading thread
hot glue gun and glue sticks
assorted artist paint brushes
wire cutter


1. Cutting a 4-foot length of wire. Starting at one end, begin bending it into your upper wing shape, leaving 3 inches of the wire free at the beginning and the end of the shape.

2. Wrap the 3-inch pieces at the beginning and end of your wing shape with electrical tape to close the shape off.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the opposite upper wing shape and both lower wing shapes, making the lower shapes slightly smaller.

4. Using one stocking for each wing shape, slide the stocking over the wire frame and wrap extra fabric around the wing base, taping the ends in place.

5. Draw a design on each wing with invisible fabric pen.

6. Light and blow out an incense stick, and use the glowing tip to singe small holes in the stockings wherever you'd like for a decorative, moth-eaten look.

7. Begin painting in your penned design with acrylic paints.

8. While paint is still wet, cover desired areas with glitter and shake excess off on a piece of newspaper.

9. Using tweezers to pick up crystals, use a dot of fabric glue to adhere each crystal to your wings for extra sparkle.

10. Wrap electrical tape around the 4-inch wing centers to connect the upper and lower wings together, creating a four-wing wire frame. You can now curve the wings into a more natural shape if desired.

11. Wrap a wide ribbon around the base to cover it neatly, securing ends with hot glue.

12. Cut four lengths of ribbon about 2 feet each and sew two ribbons to the top insides of the upper wings; then sew the other two ribbons to the bottoms of the lower wings, leaving the ribbons hanging loosely.

13. Hot-glue an assortment of artificial flowers and foliage to your wing base.

14. Hot-glue decorative butterflies to the wing base for the final touch.

15. Using the ribbon ties, tie wings onto your back, wrapping the ribbons around your shoulders and tying in a bow at the front.


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