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Bachelor Room Makeover

Eclectic design elements are used to update this plain bedroom.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Nadia Ramirez makeover a bachelor’s bedroom for $500.


Before, this bedroom was just plain boring with its bland color scheme and bare walls.

$53 - Paint
Alternating colors were painted in a checkerboard pattern on one wall to create an eclectic back drop.

  • paint: Hirshfields - Jackson Antique/ 88279004, Danish Pine /88179310, Pumpkin/88279604, Bean Pot/ 88279604

$42 - Leather Headboard
Faux leather strips were woven together onto a wood frame to create a fancy, yet masculine headboard.

  • headboard wood: Home Depot
  • faux leather: Jo-Ann Fabrics

$129 - Bedding
A textured duvet and complimentary pillows were added to the bed to enhance the headboard.

  • bedding comforter: Ralph Lauren - 097165-919339
  • twin shams: Nieman Marcus – 01542982
  • decorative pillows: TJ Maxx – 026483

$10 - Side table
A funky retro side table was a great find at an estate sale and fit in perfectly with the decor.

$26 - Matchstick Blinds
Matchstick blinds were chosen to give the room an organic feel.

  • bamboo roll-up blinds: IKEA - 17-00070489

$112 - Wall of Art
Bare walls were brought to life with various pieces of art work. Several pictures were cut out of art books and framed to create numerous pieces in a pinch.

  • art books: Barnes and Noble – Malevich/ISBN#0641600216, Louvre/ISBN#0760734909
  • frames: TJ Maxx – 133822; Jo-Ann Fabrics – 6739916 (4 x 6); IKEA - 28605000
  • poster: IKEA - 70026822

$2 - Wood Wall Art
Fun patterns were carved into scrap plywood and painted to create additional artwork for the rooms.

$12 - Book Shelf
A bookshelf was constructed using real books and a metal bracket. The bookshelf was dressed with a bright red vase to add a bold punch of color to the room.

  • L-bracket: Home Depot

$7 - Modern Desk Chair
A modern desk chair replaced the traditional chair at the homeowner's high tech desk.

$56 - Estate Chair
Leather strips were woven into an estate chair and secured with decorative nail heads. The chair was dressed with a decorative pillow to complete the look.

  • nail heads: Jo-Ann Fabrics

$51 - Accessories
The accessories in this room included vases in black and white, a black bowl, books and an unrivaled hand sculpture.

$500-Project Total

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