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Sports Theme Hobby Room

A storage room is turned into a fun hangout for two young boys.

Before: Old Storage Room
Connie and Karl have two energetic boys, Scott and Grant, who love shooting hoops and playing with their three dogs. They have an old storage room filled with games and books that they want to make functional and fun. After listening to what the boys have in mind, designer Kenneth Brown presents a design plan for a new hobby room involving a media center for video games and movies, a basketball hoop for indoor activity and a long cushy sofa bench where they can do homework and relax. The new room will be kid friendly, dog friendly and 'parent-approved.'

Kenneth's Design Tips:

  • Use woven chenille in a room where durability is key. The upholstered cushions are covered in a green woven chenille that will stand up to years of use.
  • Use a rug to change the look of a room. Since the boys are into sports, Kenneth incorporates a rug that looks like a basketball court.
  • Use bright accessories to add excitement. Orange-colored furnishings add a colorful pop to the navy and green palette.
  • When designing for children, keep it practical. At first, Kenneth proposes a pull-down TV screen in front of the French doors. Connie convinces Kenneth to change course with a plasma TV because she knows the boys will be in and out of the room often.
  • Distressing wood can hide furniture damage. The boys help Kenneth distress the built-in benches with nuts and bolts to give the brand-new pieces a lived-in look.

After: Fun and Sporty Hangout
Striped walls and basketball-themed furnishings give the room a sporty feel, while the wall-mounted plasma TV and cushioned bench create the perfect environment for the boys to hang out and relax. The main attraction is a wall-mounted basketball hoop that can be put away when not in use. Metal storage bins under the benches provide accessible storage for toys and games.

paint (Sporty Blue, SW 6522; Yam, SW 6643; Naval, SW 6244; Basket Beige, SW 6143) — Sherwin-Williams
home video/audio design — Glenn Thomas Installs
basketball hoop
(Wall O' Basketball) — Pottery Barn Teen
locker bins, desk trays — Pottery Barn Teen
basketball-shaped pillows — Horchow Home
basketball court rug — Waxmans Carpet Warehouse
football pillow — Kmart
Roman shades — Designs by Bonnie Price
pillow fabrics
(7437 Standard Greenbriar; 6866 Salambra Midnight; 7865 Baroness Citron) — Pindler & Pindler
drapery fabric
(4283 Tussah Sapphire) — Pindler & Pindler
bench cushion fabric
(7621 Unity — Lotus) — Pindler & Pindler


    • Carpet and rugs from Waxmans Carpet Warehouse
    • Home audio/video design from Glenn Thomas Installs
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