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Masculine Master Suite

The swingin' look of a swanky jazz club revives this master bedroom.

A master bedroom full of thrift-store finds is in need of some designer attention.

The design team unites the furniture to create a swanky jazz club style for this master bedroom.

Design Details
Lee Snijders, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge come up with the perfect jazz club look for this plain bedroom — here's how:

Furniture — $339

  • New furniture includes a trio of bookcases and an antique-store ottoman with blue faux fur fabric. (bookcases: IKEA - Billy, 60071787 11989; ottoman: Scavenger Hunt)

Art and Accessories — $302

  • To combat the bedroom's boxy shape, Snijders takes advantage of the ceiling and builds a unique art and light piece. The trapezoidal shapes are painted to mimic the painted lines on the headboard and are hung from the ceiling at different angles for even more visual interest. Pendant lights with cobalt blue shades punctuate the color scheme. (pendant lamps: Lowe's — 150921)

  • The inspiration for the design is framed art prints featuring jazz musicians. (prints: Canadian Art Prints — 8393 Johnson Hot Keys; 8394 Johnson — Thunder)

  • Burbridge adds glass tops to the side tables and creates polymer clay knobs out of brown, white, blue and red clay.

Fabric and Window Treatments — $225

  • Baltzer draws inspiration from old-time jazz musicians to create a reversible duvet out of blue and brown men's suiting material. Tarnished brass buttons are used to close up the two materials on the top edge. (snaps: Jo-Ann Fabric — Dritz Mini Anorak Snaps and Tool, 072879254440; fabric: Journal Fabric)

Paint and Hardware — $100

  • Snijders unifies the furniture with a coat of matte black paint to match the armoire. He dresses up the headboard by drawing straight and curvy lines with a copper paint pen. A bendable ruler is used to create the curvy lines. The walls are painted a warm beige color to let the black furniture stand out. (bendable ruler: Carter Sexton; wall paint: Mark's Paint Store — Benjamin Moore, AC-5 Springfield Tan)

Lighting — $30

  • A pair of table lamps brings in ambiant lighting. (table lamps: IKEA - Ynka, 14009)

Project Total — $996


    • Antiques from Scavenger Hunt
    • Fine-art materials from Carter Sexton
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