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Romantic Dining Room Makeover With Old World Charm

Old World elegance transforms an empty dining room.

Before: Empty Dining Room

Bonnie is a woman who loves company and loves to entertain. It follows that she wants a design for her dining room that elicits stimulating conversation and good times. She wants to use a color palette inspired by her china collection with notes of orange and brown. Designer Kenneth Brown takes up the challenge and shows Bonnie how dark walls, French doors leading to an atrium and rich drapery will create hints of romance, while crown molding, a harlequin-patterned ceiling and chandeliers will add Old World charm.

After: Full of Old World Charm

Kenneth transforms Bonnie's dining room with an Old World design full of gold, amber and rust colors, eclectic furnishings, textured fabrics and an exquisite harlequin design on the ceiling. The outdoor terrace is made part of the room by replacing the window with French doors framed with luxurious flowing drapes. An outdoor fountain is a romantic, alluring addition to the terrace that helps to draw your attention outside.

Since Bonnie intends to keep her ornately-styled hutch, Kenneth brings in a classic dining table that's simply a glass top on two wooden pedastals. The pedastals are in the same dark tones as the shelf on the hutch, which ties the two pieces together. The side chairs feature leather seats with backs upholstered in a red chenille and gold quilted fabric with a circular pattern. Incorporating various materials on the chairs helps to reinforce the collected, eclectic look that Bonnie loves. The expansive white ceiling detracts from the design as it is, so Kenneth has it painted with a harlequin pattern in mocha and gold hues. Trim molding around the design adds an architectural feature to the flat surface.

Kenneth's Design Tips:

  • Give a room direction by creating a focal point. Kenneth replaces the window with French doors to make the courtyard the focal point.
  • Use bronze colors to complement skin tones. The chandeliers highlight the gold and bronze tones throughout the room to cast a warm glow.
  • Restore original elements to give a sense of history. A lucky find in the dining room is the original parquet floor underneath the carpet. A few touch-ups and a fresh finish restores the floor while keeping a sense of age and history.
  • Ceiling designs add dimension to a room. Embellishing a large expansive ceiling with trim creates depth and visual interest.

wall paint (French Roast 6069) — Sherwin Williams
molding paint
(Cardboard 6124) — Sherwin Williams
drapes and sheers — Designs by Bonnie Price
custom dining room Old World trestle-bottom chairs — Interior Illusions
dining table pedestals — Ballard Design
handpainted harlequin ceiling — Quinn Interiors, Specialty Painting
drapery fabric and trim, dining room chair fabrics — F&S Fabrics

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