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Cottage-Style Home Office

A blue and white color scheme brightens a dreary home office.

A light and bright color scheme and better storage come together for a charming cottage-style room.

Hunter green walls don't make for an inviting office so the design team intends to lighten them up.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Spencer Anderson and Dave Sheinkopf come up with creative solutions for a dark and cluttered home office.

Furniture — $511

  • Anderson repurposes a thrift-store dining table into an efficient workspace by removing the back two legs and attaching it directly to the wall.

  • Cunningham creates more storage by combining individual bookshelves, the homeowners' TV cabinet and a bookcase. The bookshelves are attached to the wall for stability. All of the pieces are painted white for a unified look; a countertop on the bookshelves and cabinet creates a custom look. Trim molding on the countertop adds a finished detail. (shelving: Valley Furniture)

  • Other furniture additions include a side table next to the homeowners' leather chair, a small table and chair for the children and two different office chairs for the desk. (office chair: Santiago’s Antique Shop; side table: IKEA — Laxne, 00077570)

    Hardware and Accessories — $245

    • Miscellaneous hardware and accessories include roller shades for the windows, cabinet hardware for the homeowners' armoire and a soft area rug. (roller shade mechanism: Lowe's - 43244; rug: Urban Outfitters — 052108118 05720305)

  • Sheinkopf builds matching cornice boxes to give the different-sized windows a unified look; they also hide the roller shade hardware. Rosettes and trim on each box adds an architectural detail.

    Fabric and Window Treatments — $197

    • Light blue and yellow-striped fabric adds color to the windows, while white flowing panels dress up the sliding glass door. (panels: Target — 068030694; fabric for roller shades: Hi Fabrics, Jo-Ann Fabrics)

    Lighting — $30

    • A floor lamps adds ambiant lighting. (floor lamp and shade: IKEA — Svenarp Floor Lamp & Skimra Shade)

    Paint and Supplies — $15

    • The dark green walls are lightened with a soft blue color. (wall paint: Behr &3151 Valley Mist 460E-2U; trim &3151 Cracked Wheat 320E-2U)

    Project Total — $998

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