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Diva Dollies with Earrings

Patricia Anders sculpts and paints decorative dolls that hold jewelry. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own.

Project by Patricia Anders from Calabasas, Calif.

Patricia's "Whimsical Bubble Blower" doll is almost as bubbly and adorable as its creator. A background in painting and sculpting led her to her "Diva Dollies," where her artistic skills, as well as her playful personality, are really on display. The dolls are not only decorative but also functional, holding the hip and stylish beadwork jewelry Patricia creates as part of the figure.


4-inch clay pot
wire hanger
wire mesh
paper pulp
polymer clay face cabochon
papier-mache or wood chip
acrylic paint
pin back
bracelet and earrings
wooden box


1. Prepare paper pulp with water and set aside.

2. Cut wire hanger and then shape wire into body and a separate piece for arms/hands.

3. Mix plaster with water. Fill clay pot with plaster, insert hanger into hole of pot and lay pot on its side. Let dry.

4. Prime clay pot with gesso.

5. Shape wire mesh into tube shape around torso wire and stuff with paper pulp. Also place layer of pulp around area where torso meets pot. This completes the body.

6. Dip two strips of fabric--one for torso and one for the skirt--into a little bowl of fabric stiffener/glue water.
Cover torso with small piece of fabric. Wrap other piece around the waist, pleating around to make a skirt with the fabric.

7. Wrap arms/hands wire with fabric and then place on top of torso and attach to stem with a separate piece of wire. Let dry.

8. Use epoxy glue to glue on a painted wooden box to serve as a base.

9. Fill face mold with polymer clay and remove. Trim around face. Bake for 20 minutes according to package instructions.

10. After dry, paint face, cheeks and eyes. Let dry.

11. Roll out papier-mache ball and press it flat. Place plastic wrap on top and bottom. Score into sections/a grid and then let it dry. After it dries, cut out small tiles/sections to serve as backing for face. Glue face cabochon (flat on the back) onto papier-mache tile.

12. Glue on glass bubble onto face and then let entire head dry.

13. After that dries, add pin back with epoxy glue.

14. When glue is set, place head on round wire head of the doll. Place earrings on the hands and bracelet on the skirt.


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