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"Blessed" Stained Glass Window Mosaic

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a stained glass window mosaic.

Project by Tina McIntire from Fort Worth, Texas.

Tina creates a mixed-media window including cut stained glass and a variety of texture in glass beads and baubles. She especially loves giving her pieces a three-dimensional look by using textured, rippled glass and glass ornaments. She uses glue and glass strips to create words of wisdom within her pieces.


framed window
glass scoring tool
glass nippers
latex gloves
MAC clear-drying all-purpose weatherproof glue
bucket of water
sponge for grouting
dusting rag
metal hooks for hanging
drawn design


1. Tape design pattern to back of window. Clean all glass.

2. Cut glass to be used: thin strips for letters and triangles for outer edge of mosaic.

3. Glue down crow beads in the spiral. Cut and glue glass strips in shape of letters. Glue outer triangle edges.

4. Glue all heavy bobbles first (hummingbird); go back occasionally and add glue to build up the areas of the bobble that do not lay flush to the windowpane.

5. Glue centers of each additional circle. Gradually fill in all of the circles working from center out.

6. Fill in background with clear crow beads in spiral form, emphasizing the negative space where grout will be.

7. Allow glue to dry when all glass has been laid down, approximately 24 hours.

8. Tape frame to protect from grout stains. Remove pattern.

9. Wearing gloves, mix grout with water to a muddy consistency, not grainy nor drippy. Apply grout with gloved hands around frame's edges, being careful not to leave any negative space uncovered. Work grout in a circular motion to prevent leaving any uncovered spaces.

10. Use a damp sponge to remove excess grout, using sweeping motions across the glass until you begin to see the glass again.

11. Let dry until grout between glass and bobbles is secure. Be careful not to disturb it.

12. Gently wipe off the top of the design to its clear original state.

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