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Edible Garden

Homeowners Jerry and Sheila Davis want to turn the junkyard behind their garage into a whimsical, edible garden. Our Landscape Smart team gets it done in just two days.

Before: Junkyard Backyard
Gophers, moles, erosion and accumulated junk are standing in the way of the homeowners' dreams for a nice backyard. Among their goals — a place to put their stuff and a flower and vegetable garden.

After: Beautiful Gardens
The junk is gone, and the backyard is a brand-new place — a whimsical garden with stone walls and lots of color — and even more to eat.

A rustic arbor — with kiwis growing up the sides — makes the perfect entryway to the new garden. The mulberry branches were found right in the yard, so the arbor didn't cost much to make.

Stone Wall
The stone wall built into the hillside makes the area look more natural. It also provides a sense of enclosure for the seating area as well as serve as planters. Twig tuteurs and arches support climbing vegetables and flowers, thus saving room in the garden.

The stone walls also serve as planters for all kinds of organically grown herbs, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. Flowers that attract beneficial insects are included in the planting scheme.

Another set of benches was made from rustic, recycled fence boards.


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