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Mosiac Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

A fireplace insert is made with a stained glass mosaic.

Project by Gina McEuen from Fort Worth, Texas.

Gina has only been making stained glass mosaic pieces for a year. After seeing a local artist's work and the hefty price attached to it, she decided she could create something similar herself. In this project, Gina turns old windows into a sparkling stained glass treasure by gluing colored glass to the windowpanes, grouting and displaying it in front of her fireplace.


old window or framed glass
scrap glass
3M's C8 adhesive
sanded grout
mixing bucket
hanging hardware: screw hooks, eye and chain


1. Prepare the window by sanding and painting if desired. Clean the glass in the window so the adhesive will adhere well.

2. Determine your design by placing the stained glass pieces on the window. When your design is complete, glue each piece into place with the tiniest bit of glue of possible.

3. When finished, tilt the window to see that all the pieces are glued down and you're ready to grout. Mix the grout by following the directions on the package or use pre-mixed grout. Grout the glass.

4. Press the grout into place with gloved hands, and use a soft sponge to remove excess. Let it set according to the directions on the grout (about 20 minutes). Then clean the stained glass until all the pieces are showing and are free from film.

5. Screw hardware into the wood by hand.

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