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Photo Collage Keepsake Box

How to make your own photo keepsake box.

Project by Kim Hunter from Philadelphia, Pa.

Kim's unique work expresses the quirkiness and uncertainty of life by combining elements of collage, photography, printmaking, painting and decoupage. She combines these crafting processes to make a unique photo keepsake box.


wood box
4 finial feet
cardboard liner for bottom of box
silk for lining
staple gun
craft glue
decoupage glue
computer with printer
premium printer paper
black paint
paint brush
antique button
silk flower


1. Start with found images (grandma's wedding portrait, etc.) laid out on table. Scan into computer and create a collage. Print out image on premium paper.

2. Cut designed images to fit assorted shapes.

3. Prime surface of pieces with primer if necessary.

4. Remove box clasp and sand.

5. Paint box bottom and inside black.

6. Add feet to box with glue.

7. Line inside of box with silk. Attach with staple gun and glue to inside bottom.

8. Paint decoupage glue on both surfaces of the print box (top and sides) and adhere together. Use a flat surface like a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. Allow to dry.

9. Draw, paint, and add words at this point, freehand with colored pencils or markers.

10. Glue on an antique button and silk flower for handle.

11. Sand the box to make it smooth and give it more of an antique feel.

12. Reglaze with the decoupage glue and let dry.

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