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Sterling Rocket Ship Earrings

How to make earrings that look like tiny rocket ships.

Project by Sally Brock from Seattle, Wash.

As a child, Sally was influenced by her mom, who was always participating in craft fairs. Sally took metalsmithing classes and elevated her jewelry from watermelon seed necklaces to chunky cocktail rings and cool pendants resembling Swiss cheese. Sally's rocket ship earrings may be made from toys, but they make very stylish accessories for adults. Sally chooses a little plastic toy and sends it to her local castor. When they come back, they have been transformed into silver rockets! She uses her metalsmithing skills to turn the silver toys into kitschy earrings.


small bubblegum-machine-type toys
access to local area metal caster
liver of sulfur oxidizing solution
ear hooks


1. Take toys to a silver caster to have them cast into silver. This takes about two days.

2. Place the sterling silver rocket ship nose down and solder a jump ring onto the end of each piece.

3. Place in pickle solution. Oxidize in a solution. Rinse and gently polish.

4. Connect ear hooks to the jump rings placed on the rocket.

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