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Glass "Passion Twist" Accessory

How to make a "passion twist," an accesory that can be for a hat, scarf or hair.

Project by Tammy L. Deck from Westmont, Ill.


5-9 Moretti glass rods
bead stringing material (nylon-coated steel cable)
French wire
glass and crystal beads
5 crimp beads
extraordinarily tiny rubber "o" ring *
silver clay charm(s)
lampworker's torch, gas, tools
masking tape
slow cooker filled with vermiculite
crimp pliers
side cutters
* must fit snug on twisty tip


1. Select 5 to 9 glass rods to combine and use masking tape to tape them into a tight bundle.

2. Pre-cut a coordinating 4-inch glass rod for stem/loop.

3. Begin to heat up the bundle of rods very slowly, being certain to turn the bundle to heat up all of the rods.

4. When the ends are all hot and starting to slump together, start squeezing them together using large tweezers or flattening tool. Keep heating and squeezing, and start twisting and drawing out the hot ends. Bring the stem glass into the flame and attach it to the end. Be certain to have a sound connection and keep moving the piece into the flame to maintain even temp.

5. When all seem to be attached, begin to pull the stem away from the bundle and twist it in the opposite direction of the bundle.

6. When the twisted section is nicely tapered (overall thickness should equal the stem thickness) and reaches about 3 to 3-1/2 inches in length, melt the twisty away from the bundle and melt the tip to a rounded point.

7. Keep passing the entire piece back into the flame to keep the connection point from shocking. Even out the temperature of the whole piece for about 5 minutes. Put twisty into the pre-warmed slow cooker (set on high).

8. Let stand in crock for 1 hour and then turn crock off to let cool down naturally (approximately 2 hours).

9. Bring stem end into flame to melt and create a decorative loop. Put piece in pre-heated slow cooker with loop end buried in vermiculite. Let stand for 1 hour on high. Then turn off and allow to cool.

10. Place piece into kiln. Slowly heat up kiln to 950 F degrees and hold temperature for 20 minutes to anneal. Step down kiln to 400 F degrees and turn kiln off to cool naturally.

11. Select coordinating silver clay charm, crystal, lampworked and other glass and seed beads. Attach rubber "o" ring to stringing material that has French wire and a crimp bead on it.

12. String beads in a pleasing pattern onto stringing material to desired length (about 6 inches). Add crimp bead and then French wire long enough to cover stringing material as it passes through the twisty stem loop, back through the crimp bead and the first large bead under the loop. Use crimp pliers to squeeze crimp bead.

13. Add a selection of beads, a crimp bead, and the silver charm. Pass back through the crimp bead and about 1/2 inch of the beads. Squeeze crimp bead with crimp pliers.

14. Use side cutters to trim off any extra lengths of stinging material that sticks out.

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