Lovely Backyard Lookout

Laura Murtagh would like to surprise her husband, Paul, with a backyard makeover. Host Susie Coelho, designer Brian Toffoli and the Outer Spaces crew help change this restrictive backyard into an open space for entertaining.

  • Before: This backyard overlooks a canyon and the deck is nice, but doesn't really live up to its potential. The homeowners recently had the stone patio added and now the existing rose bushes create a barrier between the two outdoor areas.
  • After: This is an entertainer's dream! Bougainvillea, the umbrella and lots of throw pillows add bright color to the gray deck, stone patio and fountain. New furniture enables the family to enjoy their incredible view and makes better use of the yard.
  • Before: These two spaces need to be connected so the traffic can flow from one to the other, which means transplanting the rose bushes in the middle and removing the railroad ties. The homeowners also would love to get rid of some of the ivy along the back of the pergola.
  • After: Louvered doors create a backdrop for the new bar area and disguise some of the ivy. Stain with acidic salt in it reacts to the porosity of the stone bar top to add texture and color, while the new step and fountain are great transitions between the two entertaining spaces. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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