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English Enhancements

This hip young couple took their home from non-descript to English blue cottage.

Jill and Tobin Broadhurst are a hip young couple with an adorable little girl named Jora. The whole family loves animals and were in some capacity always raised around them. The backyard has its very own chicken coop, and they hope to incorporate other animaly items in the front yard too. Their main goal, however, is to make their house stand out by doing a very different, very English blue color and a cobblestone paver pathway and drive.

Designer Cray Bauxmont is perfect for the job – not only is he English, but he specializes in the kind of style the homeowners want. Cody Schrey, the landscape designer, is a great match since he also loves all things European and hopes to bring butterflies and color to the currently drab appearing home. Let the fun begin.

Currently, the front yard appears to be okay in terms of condition. However, there is no real theme and nothing pops as you drive by. Furthermore, the house has no real architectural detailing and it doesn't help that that whole thing is white. Additionally, the current entryway is small and cramped feeling. The homeowners want it to become a space that welcomes guests and provides enough room for them to sit out and enjoy the front yard.

The goal is to add color and dimension. The whole house will be painted blue with a stark white to all the trim. Accents such as planter boxes, shutters and trellises will also be painted white to help the home stand out even more. They will also be building out a new front porch area that will more than double in size and adding some fun, low-cost ways to bring nature to their front yard. Here's how they do it:

  • paint house
  • paint front door
  • new garage door
  • new landscape
  • new lighting
  • new accessories
  • low cost projects
  • paver driveway
  • paver walkway and patio
  • build out porch
  • cupola, shutters, trellises


    • Crayhton R. Bauxmont Flynn
      Bauxmont Flynn Design Group
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      Cody "Little Tree" Schrey
      Landscape Designer
      Phone: 510-301-7552
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