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French Flavor

The 1930s home is remade into a French country style with high tech accents.

Aisha and Stephen Gillett live in a 1930s French-inspired home. They were married in the French countryside and would like some French country elements added to their new home. Stephen is a huge technology buff and works for a major internet provider. He would like to make their home a smart home. Designer Daniel Owens is on a high tech/French country mission to fuse this young family with old and modern essentials.

Here's his to-do list:

  • remove concrete
  • remove gates and grates from windows and doors
  • paint house French inspired colors
  • paint French inspired mural on wall
  • faux paint stones along sedges of house
  • gold foil crest
  • add new lights
  • add new house numbers
  • add high tech lighting to function from computers
  • add high tech color security cameras
  • tile stairs
  • door hardware pad system


    • Daniel Owens
      Designer, EnviroMagic
      Phone: 510-232-1704

      Lindsay Osbourne
      Security, Bay Alarm
      Toll-Free Phone: 800-610-1000
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