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Painted Photo Plate

How to make photo plates you can eat off of.

Project by Dawn Madison from Chicago, Ill.

As an interior designer, Dawn did a lot of decorative painting and was used to painting walls, but never plates. Then she developed her style of "reverse painting" on glassware. When her husband started taking gorgeous black-and-white photos of classic Chicago scenes, she was inspired to incorporate them into the painted plates.

13" clear square glass plate
sketch pad
felt-tip pen
2 "leaf skeletons"
round brush
5 colors glossy enamel paints
self-adhesive felt
razor blade


1. Print a black-and-white photo on paper. Trim and crop the photo to fit onto your square plate.

2. Sketch out design and trace design onto front side of clear glass plate.

3. Place photo on front side facing down to back and tape (so you can see where you’re able to paint on the border of the plate).

4. Flip over plate and fill in design, starting by painting skeleton leaves and then impressing their image onto the plate. Once paint from leaf has been transferred, remove leaf, leaving only impression of leaf on plate.

5. Draw in leaf veins and any other details and let dry.

6. Paint background following design and lines of photo and let dry.

7. Place photo on backside facing down so photo is seen from the front side and tape into place.

8. Cut self-adhesive felt to be a bit larger than the photo and place over photo to sandwich the photo between the glass and the felt.

9. Paint final coat and let dry.

10. Seal with high-gloss, scratch-resistant sealer.

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