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How to Make a Little Black Dress Metal Ornament

If you have a passion for fashion, this little black dress ornament is great for dressing up your Christmas tree. Follow these instructions by Julie Gatlin to learn how to make your own ornament.


metal sheet
metal paint
diamond glaze
metal wire
metal tape


1. Cut dress shape from metal.

2. Flip it over and place onto a stack of felt to add shape for pleats and bustline.

3. Apply two colors of metal paint.

4. Apply coat of "diamond glaze" lacquer to seal paint and act as adhesive for beads and glitter. Sprinkle on beads and/or glitter.

5. Add lace trim with more lacquer.

6. Make the metal hanger by bending wire around a pencil.

7. Use metal tape to attach the hangar to the finished dress.

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