Chic Chinese Pavilion

Mary Margaret Martinez wants to surprise her husband, Nando, with a backyard makeover that's suited for entertaining. Host Susie Coelho, designer Brian Toffoli and the Outer Spaces crew give the space a colorful, Chinese makeover.

  • Before: The owners of this yard are party people with lots of friends and big families so they entertain often. They love older things, but their collection is random without a central theme and nothing speaks to each other.
  • After: Stained bamboo poles secured with zip cords covered in rope surround the metal gazebo poles to provide texture and weight. Seating areas throughout offer lots of places for people to visit and relax.
  • Before: One big complaint is the plain, worn and unattractive neighbor's fence. Strands of holiday lights can't even make it festive!
  • After: Pre-made redwood fencing with the top cut straight is screwed to the existing fence and once stained, provides a beautiful backdrop for this side of the divider. The colorful nylon parasols backlit with the same lights are reminiscent of a Chinese dragon seen in street celebrations.
  • A bar/buffet made with a base of stacked crates and barrels offers plenty of serving space and hidden storage behind for dishes, glasses, napkins, etc.
  • This cocktail table is made by gluing game pieces in straight rows to a large square of wood. Pipe covered with bamboo secured to a wood disc forms the base and ceramic garden stools offer seating for hours of fun!
  • Two large L-brackets secured to the wall and bamboo posts are topped with a large tray (with drainage holes) to showcase an iron dragon surrounded by stones and red candles for a great addition to the Chinese theme.
  • Colorful Chinese lanterns secured to the gazebo supports are further enhanced with red tab-top curtains hung behind them. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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