Retro-Modern Front Yard

The design crew from Outer Spaces plans to bring Goldman and Mellor's eclectic tastes outside to create a space for entertaining using industrial materials incorporated into a modern design with retro influences.

  • Before: The eclectic and funky owners of this front yard are writers and would love a place to enjoy outdoors for inspiration. Unfortunately, it's very overgrown and not the adult space for entertaining they desire.
  • After: A fabric canopy provides shade over a cinderblock-based bench with lots of seating. The low round fountain offers tranquility and offsets all the squares found in the rest of the yard.
  • Before: The couple has basically handed this couch over to the neighborhood cats so it's time to reclaim it for human relaxation.
  • After: A fresh covering of outdoor fabric and lots of pillows soften the unique piece and butterfly chairs tie into the other existing '60s furniture perfectly.
  • Before: This bay window is a nice feature that needs some attention as well since it's currently very plain and boxy.
  • After: A lightweight orange bench grounds the horsetail potted behind it and modern concrete planters with papyrus flank the window. A quirky silver donkey suits the couple's unconventional style and is ready to party! © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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