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Silver Circles Necklace and Earring Set

Form sterling silver circles into a necklace and earring set.

Project by Cedrick Jihanian from Pasadena, Calif.

As a child in Paris, Cedrick liked to go to the cinema and watch old American movies. He knew that he wanted to one day be able to create something glamorous for women, like the actresses he saw on the big screen. He went on to study jewelrymaking in college, and he now uses that invaluable experience to design and craft his own stunning jewelry for women.


sterling silver 1.00mm round wire
sterling silver 1.5mm x 0.7 flat wire
sterling silver 2mm x 1.1mm flat wire
1mm oval jump rings
18KT yellow gold 10.00mm round setting with 4 prongs
18KT pearl cup
10mm round gemstone (blue topaz)
1 almond-shaped blue topaz
1.5mm round gemstones
18-inch 1.5mm leather cord
jeweler's adhesive
diamond-setting clay
jeweler's polishing machine


1. Wrap the round sterling silver 1.5mm wire around a 4.00mm wooden or metal tube three times.

2. Next wrap the flat sterling silver 1.5 mm wide wire with a 0.7mm thickness around a 10.00mm and 15mm diameter tube four times.

3. Wrap the 2mm x 1mm flat wire around a 20.00mm tube three times.

4. Saw one side of each row of wire in order to make individual rings.

5. Close rings back up by soldering them individually one by one for a total of seven rings.

6. Now repeat steps 1 through 5 twice to make two more sets of seven rings for the pair of matching earrings.

7. Next, drill holes all around the largest ring of each of the three sets.

8. Place those rings on diamond-setting clay. You first need to heat up clay with an alcohol lamp; the clay will hold the ring in place.

9. Set the 1.5mm stones by raising prongs that will hold stone in place.

10. Pre-polish all the pieces using a professional jeweler's polishing machine.

11. Once polished, assemble all the parts using the 1mm jump rings.

12. Glue the almond-shaped gemstone in the 18KT pearl cup.

13. Set the 10mm blue topaz round stone in the four-prong setting.

14. Do all the final polishing.

15. Add rope for necklace and earring clasps.

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