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Knitted Wire And Pearl Bracelet

Knit a bracelet using sterling silver wire and pearl beads.

Project by Laura Kochevar from Chicago, Ill.

Laura was home sick one week during high school and discovered a half-finished knit sweatshirt in a box in the basement. She also found some of her mother’s neglected knitting books and within a couple of weeks, she had finished the sweater herself! Since then she has been hooked on fibers. In this project, Laura makes knits a bracelet out of sterling silver wire, embellished with pearls.


26-gauge sterling silver wire
20-gauge sterling silver wire
sterling toggle clasp
sterling end cones
knitting spool
jewelry pliers
wire cutters
scrap yarn
8mm pearl beads
large knitting needle


1. Wrap each post on the knitting spool with scrap yarn, going around twice. Knit by lifting lower wrap over and off of the post. Knit two or three rows.

2. Knit one row with wire and yarn together. Cut yarn.

3. Continue knitting with silver wire, making sure to pull on the wire at the bottom as it comes out of the spool. Knit for 5 inches or desired length. Cut wire.

4. Insert large knitting needle into tube of knitted wire and roll on hard surface to form.

5. Pinch one end of wire closed and drop in pearls. Pinch other end closed.

6. Cut thicker wire into two 2-inch pieces. Form a "J" on both pieces. Thread the curved end through the loops on each end and clamp.

7. Insert cone on each end and pull down to tighten.

8. With pliers, attach toggle pieces on each end.



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