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Kid-Friendly Yard

Jaunie and Shawn Schooleys' patio is overgrown with moss and overrun with plastic toys. Our Landscape Smart team helps transform the yard into a kid-friendly, Mediterranean-inspired area.

Before: A Place for the Kids
The busy parents who live here are desperate for a backyard makeover. It's a place that only the kids use — plastic toys everywhere, a dated brick patio and a crumbling brick wall. The homeowners want a pleasant, cohesive, but kid-friendly place to relax and entertain.

After: Cozy Family Patio
The transformation is stunning. The new patio is now cozy, warm and great to hang out in. The redwood pergola and fence make the yard intimate and private, and a new stepping-stone terrace adds visual interest. The bricks were recycled from the old patio, which kept costs down.

Potted Plants
Planters and pots are filled with Mediterranean-style plants in warm colors. Care was taken to avoid thorns and poisonous plants.

Brick Path
The stepping-stone design, with interplantings, becomes a hopscotch playground. The bricks were laid inside wooden frames that were tapped into the sand base.

Low benches not only provide seating for kids and adults but also serve as a safety barrier for the steep hillside beyond.

Water Feature
A water play feature — complete with shower, drinking fountain and faucet — will be the kids' favorite summertime spot. Automatic turn-off valves will keep the parents happy.


    • Ahmad Hassan
      Landscape Designer
      Phone: 510-376-3228
    • Augie Marabuto
      Landscape Contractor
      Phone: 925-586-5262
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