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Sophisticated Living/Dining Room Makeover

Elegance reigns in this multipurpose space for living, dining and working.

This multipurpose space is in need of an elegant design that reflects the sophisticated style of the homeowner.

With a slight hint of color on the walls and lots of new furniture, the once spare room is turned into a comfortable, inviting living space.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Spencer Anderson and Dave Sheinkopf create an elegant design for a multipurpose living, dining and office space. Here's how:

Furniture — $445

  • Custom tables in both the dining and living room complete the furniture requirements.

    • Dining table — Anderson uses teak plywood to create a one-of-a-kind dining table. He creates an opening the center to hold floral vases. The edges are painted the same as the wall color to band the wood and give the pieces a finished detail.

    • Coffee and side table — Cunningham constructs a coffee table out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with a shadow box top that showcases river rocks for an organic touch. She constructs a rectangle then adds a rail inside the box two inches from the top to hold a shelf. River rocks are placed on the shelf and a large piece of glass rests on top. Also, she uses a planter as a side table, filling it up with rock and topping it with a piece of glass like the coffee table. (planter: Target — 084150091 & 067110001)

    • Sofa table — Sheinkopf makes a sofa table and bookcase combo unit that gives the owner much-needed storage and a place to set a pair of reading lamps.

  • The existing desk is replaced with writing desk from an outlet store. (writing desk: Hotel Surplus Outlet — B/H Dark Desk)

Art and Accessories — $254

  • In the dining area, the back of the cabinets stands out so Sheinkopf paints it a shade darker than the walls and uses trim to give it an architectural effect.

  • Wall-mounted shelves with hidden hardware provide display space over the desk. (shelves: IKEA — Lack, 50071311)

  • The fireplace is enhanced with a simple mantel created out of leftover MDF. An inexpensive wall mirror is attached over the mantel.

  • A sand-colored rug anchors the seating area. Pillows in pastel hues add color to the sofa. (rug: Target — 066040621; pillows: Target — 067081065 & 0670080964)

Fabric Accents — $119

  • Since the budget is spent mostly on furniture, napkins are used to reupholster the dining chairs and wall art is fashioned out of table runners and place mats for a touch of Zen simplicity. (runner and place mats used for wall art: Target - runner 067031366, place mats 067021479; napkins for chairs: Target — 067021480)

  • The windows are dressed simply with light-colored panels. (curtain panels: Target — 068030754)

Lighting — $119

  • A pair of floor lamps flanks the desk, a pair of table lamps provides task lighting over the sofa and a new chandelier over the dining table ties in with the elegant, contemporary design. (lamps: IKEA — Svenarp Floor Lamp 40066522 and Mil Work Console Lamp 02112680; chandelier: Lamps Plus — 60 W 3lt 6ft brushed nickel chandelier )

Paint and Supplies — $62

  • The walls are painted a lavender-tinged taupe. Chocolate brown is used as an accent color on the furniture.(wall paint: Behr — French Castle 770A-3P; Country Club 700B-5P)

Project Total — $999

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