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Garage to Multipurpose Room

A garage gets transformed into a livable space.

A jewel-toned color palette and elegant fabrics transform the under-utilized room.

This bare-bones room was previously a garage and now the owner wants to turn it into a livable space.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Dave Sheinkopf and Spencer Anderson give the unfinished room some deserved design attention--here's how it all comes together:

Furniture — $309

  • A rattan chest is repurposed into a coffee table. Two small bookcases are placed on either side of the desk for more accessible storage. A side chair is updated with a new cushion and back pillow. (storage table by desk: IKEA — Rast Bedside Table, 44361109; rattan chest: HomeGoods — 063105)

  • Floating shelves flanking the futon make room for accessories.

Fabric Treatments — $285

  • The laundry area is hidden behind silk curtains on a hospital track. Another panel is used to disguise the sprinker controls on an adjacent wall. Pillows on the futon are covered in peacock blue velvet, green silk and a broad stripe in multiple jewel tones. (curtains: Target — Yellow/gold 068030176; pillow fabric: Michael Levine; hospital track: McMurray; fabric: Fabric Outlet, Jo-Ann Fabrics)

Art and Accessories — $256

  • Striped fabric is used to cover three cork bulletin boards, which act as functional art above the antique desk. (cork boards: IKEA — Chris Noticebrd, 15670800)

  • A trio of mirrors are hung above the futon. A gold-painted background makes them stand out against the wall color. (wall mirrors: Marshalls)

  • The bare concrete floor is covered with a contemporary-styled rug in a jewel-toned color scheme. (floor rug: Linens 'n Things — Perla Chen, 732150146405)

  • The homeowner's futon is updated with a new cover. futon cover: Furniture Bandits — 717851980893)

    Lighting — $108

    • Anderson constructs a hanging light out of wood rounds and silk fabric. The wood is covered with stainless-steel laminate then assembled with electrical components. Holes are drilled into the top disk to allow for heat ventilation. Hook-and-loop tape holds the fabric to the perimeter. Brown ribbon is used to create a crisp line. (silk fabric: Michael Levine)

  • Sheinkopf dresses up plain lampshades with tissue paper. He cuts the paper into various rectangular shapes and decoupages them onto the shade with starch creating a layered, multicolored effect. (table lamps: Kmart)

    Paint and Supplies — $41

    • The walls are painted a plum color for a dramatic backdrop. (wall paint: Behr - Wild Raisin, S-G-700)

    Project Total — $999

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