Coastal-Themed Backyard

Bill Weisman would like to give his wife, Jaymie Monroe, the anniversary gift of a backyard makeover. See how our experts restore this boring backyard to the entertaining space it was years prior, but with a coastal theme.

  • Before: Bill Weisman and Jaymie Monroe love to entertain, but their back patio is boring and a rotted vine caused the overhead trellis to collapse. They'd like to have parties like they used to, but lack furniture and a new trellis covered with a tarp is a temporary solution that isn't working.
  • After: A dark color sponged onto the lower walls adds depth and large flagstones clearly indicate where people should enter the lawn. Shade cloth on the trellis above with lots of seating below creates the comfortable entertaining space the couple was after.
  • This grid divider with a central buffet is a great solution to separate the patio from the driveway. Hanging lanterns on each side add soft candlelight at night.
  • Turn a copper planter into a stylish side table and fill it with favorite plants. Drill two large drainage holes (put PVC pipes in them temporarily), and then cement a copper pipe to the bottom center (remove the PVC before it sets up completely). Fill it with potting soil and plant as desired. Have a glass shop make the top with a center threaded medallion and screw it into the copper pipe. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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