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Making a Return to Craftsman Style

Cynthia Lusk and Monica McCarthy live in a 1920s Craftsman home. It's a toothpaste mint color, the landscaping is run down and the driveway is cracked and neglected.

Cynthia Lusk and Monica McCarthy love their Craftsman home, but feel it has been neglected. They are ready for a major makeover. Joshua McCullough specializes in Craftsman design. He wants to take away elements that past homeowners have added and dress up the home in true craftsman style.

Here's how he does it:

  • remove glass windows over entry
  • clear seating area in porch to create new seating area
  • remove plants and grass

  • tear out drive way and replace with coble stone
  • build fence with copper accents
  • add craftsman lights to landscaping
  • new plants and landscaping

  • new paint
  • new trees
  • new light fixture
  • new house numbers
  • Craftsman landscape art piece

  • Resources(Hide)

    • Driveway pavers/retaining wall from Calstone Company/Allan Block
      Outdoor light fixture from Old California Lantern Co.
      House numbers from Rocheford Handmade Tile
      Landscape lights from Coe Studios
      Railing from Trex Decking and Railing
      Trees (Kemba Shakur) from Oakland ReLeaf
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