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Stamped Metal Wearable Words Bracelet

Julie Charles stamps a bracelet to give it a unique look.

Project by Julie Charles from Seattle.

Julie is the wild and wacky self-appointed Queen of Craft, as she loves trying any craft she can get her hands on! It's even written in her baby book: "Nothing makes Julie happier than having something to make." In this project, Julie creates a cool bracelet by hand stamping a quote onto flat silver wire and finishing it into a bracelet by adding a beaded clasp.

Materials and Tools:

6" sterling6mm x 1mm flat wire
deburring tool
jewelry cutters
kitchen scouring pad or 000 fine steel wool
jewelry file or filing material
hammer (jeweler's chasing hammer)
6" ruler
metal alphabet stamps
center hole punch or period stamp
steel bench block
Dremel with small drill bit
19-gauge half-hard sterling silver wire
concave/round forming pliers
2 round 3mm sterling beads
decorative glass bead
crown charm
clasp finding
oval bracelet mandrel
rawhide mallet
black magic marker
polishing cloth


1. Cut a 6-inch strip of sterling silver flat wire with jewelry cutters (6mm x 1mm). Take sharp edge off the bottom edges with deburring tool.

2. Run scouring material or fine steel wool across top surface of silver to remove any small scratches or imperfections.

3. Use jewelry cutters and file or filing material to round corners of silver strip.

4. With silver on steel block, use stamps and hammer to stamp word or quote in center of strip.

5. Use punch or period stamp to make indentations at ends of strip as guides for drilling holes.

6. With strip on wood block, drill holes at end for wire clasp placement.

7. Darken stamped letters with black magic marker. Wipe excess marker off using a damp corner of polishing cloth.

8. Bend strip back and forth to begin hardening process. Wrap strip around mandrel and tap with rawhide mallet to complete hardening and form an oval shape.

9. Using 19-gauge half-hard round sterling silver wire and forming pliers, make wrapped loop threaded into one drilled hole. (Thread charm on before finishing.)

10. String onto wire the decorative glass bead sandwiched between round silver 3mm beads.

11. Finish with larger wrapped loop to act as part of clasp.

12. Add hook finding to other end in the drilled hole.


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