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Mosaic Bowling Pin

Julie Charles turns a plain bowling pin into a work of art with broken plates, game pieces, mirror pieces and glass gems.

Project by Julie Charles from Seattle.

Julie is the wild and wacky self-appointed Queen of Craft, as she loves trying any craft she can get her hands on! It's even written in her baby book: "Nothing makes Julie happier than having something to make." Here she demonstrates one of her many projects--turning a bowling pin into a work of art using broken plates, game pieces, mirror, glass gems and more.


bowling pin
glass tiles
clear glass gems
small photos
giant checker
small trophy for a topper
plastic signage letters
1/2" paper punch
glass cutter
glass/tile nippers
silicone adhesive
sanded tile grout


1. Glue letters onto bowling pin, cutting where necessary to accommodate curves.

2. Break plate design, keeping pattern in tact. Cover pattern with clear shelf liner.

3. Spread adhesive on back of broken china and apply to bowling pin.

4. Carefully remove liner and arrange pieces to retain pattern.

5. Glue on checkers.

6. Use paper punch for designs to glue to bottom of glass gems. Glue glass gems to bowling pin.

7. Cut strips of mirror and glue to neck of pin.

8. Glue glass tiles to bottom of pin.

9. Fill in empty spaces of broken china.

10. After allowing adhesive time to dry, mix dark gray sanded grout to a dry consistency like a stiff cookie dough or according to package instructions.

11. Apply grout and wipe down to expose glued materials. An hour or so later, buff carefully to remove any film on surface.

12. Glue pin to giant checker as a base and glue trophy piece on top.




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