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Decorative Painted Room Divider

Lindsey Holt designs a plain canvas three-panel room divider with acrylic paints, fun fabrics, rhinestones and imagination. The finished product is the perfect addition to a girl's bedroom, dorm room, apartment or sorority house.

Materials and Tools:

blank rod-iron room divider with canvas panels
screw driver
acrylic paints
material for clothes (denim, boa, velvet)
E-6000 craft glue
cotton swabs or paintbrushes
3-6 foam craft brushes


1. Assemble the room divider. Hand-stretch canvas panels to the desired width. If necessary, sew new dimensions of panels and reattach them to the room divider.

2. Draw the three sketches of desired designs onto each panel with flesh-tone paint.

3. Paint the background color or scene onto each panel. Paint the skin tone onto the design.

4. Paint any clothing area that will not be covered with fabric. Trace the appropriate clothing item onto your fabric or simply freestyle and cut the fabric however you envision it for each piece.

5. Attach fabric and other three-dimensional items to specified areas using E-6000 glue.

6. Outline the designs for the finishing details.

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