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Recycled Leather Purse

Candace Marquette combines her art backround with her love of recycling objects to create a leather purse.

Project by Candace Marquette from Allen, Texas.

Candace, a fun and spunky new mom, has a background in fine art and graphic design. She started making her purses about four years ago and enjoys combining her art background with making things out of used or found objects. In this project, she makes a hand-painted leather purse out of an old leather jacket.


old leather jacket
acrylic paint: turquoise, purple, orange, yellow, black, white
crimp beads
needle-nose pliers
jewelry wire
nickel snap grommets (tools)
24-gauge metal wire
hole punch set
clear spray paint
14" piece of leather lace


1. Cut out two 8" x 8" leather squares from jacket. Glue leather pieces together.

2. Cover leather pieces (front and back) with paint. Let dry for 10 minutes. To speed process, use a blow dryer. After leather is dry, paint a random pattern of colors on to leather.

3. Use hammer and hole punch to make holes on side of purse. Then create holes for the handles and snaps.

4. Spray clear varnish on both sides.

5. Feed wire through the first hole of the purse. Add beads to one section of wire. Continue process until both sides of purse are embellished with beads.

6. Lace up sides with 14-inch leather lace. Tie off the ends to make secure.

7. Place snap grommets into premade holes. Follow directions on the snap kit to finish.

8. To make the handle: Cut 15 inches of jewelry wire for the beads. Slide jewelry wire through one of the holes on the purse for the handle; then slide crimp bead about 2 inches on jewelry wire.

9. Feed the jewelry wire back through crimp bead to create a loop. Clamp down on the crimp bead with flat pliers. Press hard to make sure it is closed.

10. On the other side of the jewelry wire, slide beads on to wire until you have a nice handle. Slide a crimp bead onto the wire. Feed the wire back through the crimp bead and clamp down.

11. Repeat process on the other handle.



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