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Photo Scrapbook

Use these step-by-step instructions to create a unique scrapbook layout.

Project by Melinda Garcia from Pasadena, Calif.

Materials and Tools:

card stock
tape runner
rub-on words
paper trimmer
eyelet-setting tools
glue dots
cotton swab
manicurist block sander
baby safety pin
washcloth piece
scrubby sponge piece
date stamp
black pen


1. Sand the edges of the photo(s) with a sanding block. Mount the photo(s) with glue onto card stock or other type of paper. Trim card stock by tearing edges off.

2. Cut out a piece of sheer/fiber paper larger than the mounted photo. Apply water with cotton swab to edges of the sheer paper and tear off bits of paper around the edges, giving it a frayed look.

3. Mount card stock with photo onto the larger piece of sheer paper. Bottom edge of sheer paper should be long enough to fold over card stock and picture.

4. Punch two holes with hole puncher through the sheer paper, photo and attached card stock.

5. Set eyelets in the holes. This will secure the papers together. Choose a colorful piece of ribbon to run through eyelets and make a bowtie.

6. Choose the color of the background paper that is used for the entire page; choose something that matches the photo and ribbon. Cut to 12" x 12".

7. Figure out placement of photo piece and adhere to page.

8. Use accent paper to make a border design to be placed on the side of the page. Tear piece in half and scrunch and tear inside edges of accent paper.

9. Punch holes on torn edges and add eyelets down both sides. Stitch torn pieces of paper back together by running ribbon through eyelets.

10. Add a title for the page to the side of one of pieces by using rub-on letters.

11. Mount torn, stitched and titled accent paper to background page.

12. To add a personal touch, cut out swatches of daughters' old washcloths. To age pins, smudge on some acrylic paint, let dry and sand for a distressed look. Adhere the safety pins to the top of the swatches and attach that to a small piece of paper. Attach entire piece to page right below the picture.

13. In an area below the picture and the swatches, add some journaling. Write some description of the photo on a piece of paper and attach to background.

14. Paint around the outside of the journaling piece to create a border.

15. Add date stamp next to the picture for final touch.

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