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Cosmic Boys' Bedroom

See a space-themed bedroom for three young brothers.

This big bedroom needs a fun, child-friendly design for the three young boys who share it.

The design team transforms the room with a creative cosmic space adventure theme.

Design Details
Kristan Cunningham, Spencer Anderson and Dave Sheinkopf create the 'lost in space' bedroom — here's how:

Furniture - $379

  • Anderson builds a 'command center' desk with twinkling lights in the center. He constructs the desk out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and rounds the edges to make it kid-friendly. He incorporates salvaged electroinics into the base, which gives the boys lots of buttons and knobs for imaginative play. The top features twinkling LED lights submerged in an inset panel filled with multicolored rubber balls and set under clear Plexiglas. (electronic parts: All Electronics)

  • New furniture includes a pair of bookshelves for books and toys, a trio of lime green chairs for the desk and a papasan chair in the corner. (bookshelves: IKEA - Billy, 40043724; papasan chair: Target - Blue 074030139)

  • Art and Accessories - $236

    • The space theme is carried out over each bed with a porthole window that looks out into space. Cunningham paints precut 36-inch particle board disks dark blue and hand-paints space images on each. The edges are banded with electrical insulation, which comes with a slit down the center and adhesive on both sides for easy installation.

  • Cunningham also creates name plate headboards to personalize each boy's sleeping area. She paints a piece of 12x24 plywood silver then paints a black box in the center. Their names are spelled out in orange acrylic paint. When dry, a sheet of acetate is placed on top and secured with 1/2-inch wood trim. Bolts are screwed into the trim to make it look more industrial. (acetate: Carter Sexton)

  • After the walls are painted light gray, they use dark gray tape and metal bolts to create the look of metal panels. (camera tape cloth: Studio Depot - T192/Grey)

    Bedding and Window Treatments - $205

    • Navy blue coverlets adorn the beds and streamlined shades and lime green curtains finish off the windows.

    Lighting - $87

    • Floor and table lamps give the room much-needed lighting.

      Paint and Supplies - $65

      • The walls are painted light gray to resemble the metal interior of a spaceship.(paint: Behr - Sterling 7780E-3)

      Hardware and Incidentals - $26

      Project Total - $998

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